All bundled up

I took the kids into Seattle this morning to enjoy some photo fun with the Seattle Momtogs at Magnuson Park. It was a bit dreary and wet, but, just before we packed up to leave, it started to snow! It was perfect for our “all bundled up” photo shoot.

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Top 11 of 2011

Wow, 2011 is already over. I’m excited to see what 2012 will bring. I’m starting the year with a new camera, thanks to my hubby (er, Santa), so I am hoping the year is filled with lots of fun picture taking!
I’m participating in the Top 11 of 2011 with Click It Up A Notch, NapTime MomTog and Click. Pray. Love. where you share the top 11 photos you’ve taken of your children (or pets) over the last year. As I went through all my photos (it was HARD work narrowing down my favorites to just 11!), I was encouraged by how much I have improved since I started taking photography serious in July. I’m thinking this will be a great post to reflect back on come this time next year.
Now for my favorite 2011 pictures of my two sweet babies:
This might be my all-time favorite picture of the year. This was taken with a Flip camera inside a Seattle hotel room in March. The kids were so excited to be staying there and were overjoyed to create their own traffic jam to mimic the traffic outside the window.
A beautiful Seattle summer day looking out at the Sound. This was my first-ever silouhette.
She is growing too fast! I bribed her with candy here so I could practice shooting with the natural light coming into our living room. We had so much fun!
I love the magical forest feeling of this image. They remind me of little gnomes here.
My sweet, sweet boy turned five in October.
If you can get past the crazy attire, you can see the pure joy on their faces!
Playing teacher to her favorite lovies.
He grew so much this year. I just love his smile and the backlight!
My little angel.
I love that she doesn’t mind tagging along with me and posing for the camera. Together, we scoped out this wetlands area by our house, which resulted in a few of my favorite images.
I was practicing composition when I took this picture and I just love the look I captured on his face and the catchlights in his amazing eyes.
Well, that’s it! I hope 2012 brings you much joy and happiness. Thanks for joining me on my blog this year!



Click It Up A Notch

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Chinese Tea

My daughter (second from left) participated in her first-ever on stage appearance as one of the Chinese Tea dancers in the show Making Nutcracker Memories on December 2. She had so much fun and was so delighted when her big brother gave her flowers after the show. We were all very proud of her!

Here’s a black and white version (which I think I prefer) of the picture above. I just love how all the girls are doing something completely different from the others.

And here are the kids enjoying frozen yogurt treats after the show! Yum!

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Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!

Our tree is up (actually, it has been up — I’ve just been slow to get this post up)! We were on the ball this year and got our tree and decorated the house over Thanksgiving weekend. The holiday music is on continuous play and our Elf on the Shelf (Red, named after my son’s favorite color) is adding excitement to our daily routines. Here are some pictures of our tree hunting adventure and the outdoor decorations, as well as a photo of my two lovelies with their letters to Santa and another one of them waiting for their turn to sit on Santa’s lap.

After visiting with Santa for a bit, we enjoyed the holiday carousel in downtown Seattle.

Finally, it’s so fun having all the bright little lights to practice different exposures with my camera. After watching a tutorial, I figured out how to get that awesome starburst effect in my holiday light pictures. So much fun!

Happy holidays!

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Sunset on the beach

Tomorrow I deliver a set of beautiful images to one of my favorite families. We stole some time on the beach just before sunset to capture their first family picture with baby brother. Even though we were racing against the setting sun, I think we got a lot of great shots. Here are just a few from the session. Love these guys!!

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